Welcome to Family Health Champions! 

We aim to assist families with overall health and wellness through nutrition and play. Bridging the gap between trends and lifestyle.


“We create our health by creating our own unique nutrition map, all we need to know is which direction to turn.”



Our Mission

Family Health Champions is on the path to wellness with our clients. We understand the challenges associated with adequate food and nutrition awareness. To combat the lack of information and understanding when it comes to proper nutrition, Family Health Champions seeks to offer focused, Informed, training to families desiring a healthy lifestyle. All of our families will have the education and support they need to make healthier food choices, for the entire family, for as long as they need.  As we are well aware, the standard American diet is causing health crisis to sore. Did you know that:

 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year

More than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults have obesity

ADHD numbers are on the rise because of inadequate nutrition







As a certified health and wellness coach program, Family Health Champions has seen major improvements with child obesity and malnutrition. Through relevant information and support FHC has helped transform our families health through family meal times, play and fitness as well as assisting with meal plans and recipes.   



Get F.I.T.

If you are ready for a total transformation for you and your family, and are ready to get on the road to wellness, clarity, fitness, nutrition and optimal health join in and lets get F.I.T. FOCUSED, INFORMED and TRAINED. It doesn't matter your current health or eating preferences, All are welcome. Understand that in order to master the way your body is intended to feel and work you must be committed for and with your family on the journey to health and wellness. Individuals, parents of children 0-13, can be apart of our growing family.   

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